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96 Responses to “How do you feel about a store on Public Square that sells romantic toys?”

  1. Lynn

    We didn’t need an adult shop on the square for the streaker to make an appearance in the 1990’s, so what difference does having a store make?

  2. Michelle

    I think people need to get out of 1950’s thinking.This is 2010…. They have always wanted Mount Vernon to be a retirement community,and heaven for bid we would have a adult store here..People need to grow up……..I am a independent consultant for a Adult Home Toy party company….You have a chose go in the store or dont go in the store….It is not going to make a difference in a person that does sex crimes ,they are going to rape women and children any ways they are sick nasty people.We have 120 convicted sex offenders in knox county right now and there is not a adult store,SO the store is not going to make it worse..

  3. Jeff

    I say sure, If your worried about children…I am sure it will be 21 or 18 to enter…..Let it be

  4. idiots

    Has no one seen the vibrators and male rings that our local Walmart sells, go back to Health and Beauty right next to the Tampons and you will see them.

    This place sounds more like a small version of “Victoria’s Secret” what is the big deal.

  5. Debi

    Bring it on.. What is wrong with an adult store there.. as long as kids are not permitted there and they are nothing like the Lyons Den it would be fine… It is way better then a head shop there. I would think a tasteful store for adults only would be fine!

  6. KLM

    Since it seems all virtue is gone in this country… let the store moving and let fate decide whether it stays or not.

  7. Lynn

    please don’t stereotype conservative christians….I am one and don’t think this store is a bad idea. And I certainly don’t think that real love doesn’t need toys as someone else mentioned. Real love can most definitely be enhanced when toys are enjoyed together.

  8. ella

    okay people, the ‘Girly Spoy’ isnt all toys!!! they sell pretty dresses, skirts, and jewlery. Its not all rated R stuff. Plus that stuff wont be out in the open either!I talked to the lady, and she explained that they card people before they let anyone back there! so grow up people. If you dont like the place keep it to yourself. They are nice people with alot to offer.

  9. issie fullington

    Back in 1990 we had a streaker run through the Bank on the square, we will probably see more action like that with this new business. Do we really want to encourage that?

  10. Lynn

    I guess then we should get rid of all the video stores in town cuz we can’t have people seeing something like that when they come to visit…..I mean gosh, they sell adult videos. I am a devout christian – not a zealot – and I think it is time to stop being so narrow minded. I know that alot of us here in Mount Vernon live in a ‘bubble’, but come on….

  11. Me

    Anyone know when the planned opening of the store is? I want to check it out after all the hype. And if you want to take my picture feel free, after all the last time I looked-this country is still a free one.

  12. Jacob

    HAHAHA Oh, yeah, that’s it. Porn shops mean runaway rapes!

    … Actually, stuff happened back in the glory days of the 50s, too. It was just underreported. My aunt, who grew up in the 50s and 60s, once told me a story of how her childhood friend’s grandfather would give quarters to the little girls (meaning, his granddaughter and her young friends) to take off their clothes. That was the kind of thing that happened then, but nobody did anything or talked about it. It was one of those taboo topics that just wasn’t discussed in polite company. Don’t give me this crap about how sex crimes are running rampant today. We’ve just tackled the problem head-on and are no longer sweeping it under the rug. If anything, a greater societal awareness of sex (and public celebration of it) is a good thing. It allows us to embrace healthy, consensual, and fun sex while no longer allowing the creeps and predators to get away with abuses.

  13. Rosemary

    Are you kidding? Studies have shown kids are already using oral sex as an alternative birth control. Do you people ever flip the channel from soap operas to news magazines like 60 Minutes, Dateline, etc.? Some of you sound like you’re trying to cleanse your conscience by sounding off. If you don’t want to shop at WalMart, go to Penneys. If you don’t want to shop in this romance store, go out-of-town (like most people do instead of supporting their local merchants).

  14. tim

    for those of you against this store. please take your business elsewhere. actually the town square may be the perfet place for a store like this. no one is ever downtown anyway so it is hidden from the publics eye.

    i forsee that the conservative christains will be protesting this store once it actually opens.

  15. msfjat

    freshwater is a good man that needs to go teach in a religious school. not my kids. teaching that is up to me.

  16. msfjat

    this town is so assbackwards i cant believe in this day and age that you can buy any thing you want on the internet that we have an issue. wake up you old people

  17. Uncle Sam

    Who will be run out of town first? A good man like John Freshwater or a good business owner, who is helping the economy with a new store?

  18. jane q public

    just to note…
    all though they are not on or near public square…
    wal-mart carries some of the same items.

  19. Diane

    Simple equation: Hardly any or none at all Adult Stores in 1950 = Less Crimes
    Today? Adult Stores along the Highways = More Sex Crimes, and more
    confusion for small children. Come on people – start acting like ADULTS.
    Real Love doesn’t need toys.

  20. Motoman

    For many years, I believed it impossible for any place on earth to be more backward thinking or more filled with sanctimonious twits than was my home town. Then I moved to Mount Vernon.

  21. red dragon hawk

    um… no…. i havnt seen the “adult accesories” at walmart….could you please point them out? um….so i can…um…um….boycott them…..ya…ya ….thats the ticket…;-)

  22. red dragon hawk

    hell with romance …i want a strip club!!!!!!…….. not really….but it got your attention…all the snub noses will be poking them ito it and purchasing items…….let it pass or fail by public demand!

  23. Angie

    The bible bangers wouldnt even be welcome in Amish communities. They prefer a quiet simple NON JUDGEMENTAL life. Im sure they wont shop at The Girlie Spot but they wont judge me for shopping there.

  24. Some Guy

    Karen, i personally think it would livin Dixie Day’s up a Bit, i get tired of listening to banjo and looking at quilts…LOL
    Also did you even read “Concerned Parents’s” comment. It was completly ignorant.
    I don’t agree that it will improve Mt.Vernon, we certainly have enough churches and that doesn’t seem to improve it either. My point being there are at least 25 Churches in or around Mt.Vernon, and i’m sure not every citizen in Mt.Vernon attends church: No a sex shop isn’t for everyone, those that don’t wish to enter simply don’t have to, just as those that don’t wish to go to shurch aren’t forced to. I’m sure you won’t be able to see through the windows of the sex shop so you won’t have to worry about your children seeing something you don’t want them to. I really don’t see a problem with it, i mean live and let live. Don’t agree that the City Council should be able to tell a person what they can and can’t sell in their store. I mean if there’s something on TV i don’t wanna see, i change the channel. My gripe is that there are too many people in Mt.Vernon especially that want to tell others how to live and what is right (Morally) or otherwise. Stop spending so much time worrying about what you can’t control and manage your own life.

    I think the reason don’t want a sex shop in town, is so they don’t get recognized coming out of it. (Most of you won’t admit that i’m right)

  25. Karen

    Just think, when you invite your friends and relatives to the Dan Emmett Festival you can proudly show them our new sex shop! The term “Romantic Toys” is just the politically correct label for a sex shop. Sorry, you need to call it what it is. Will they also sell pornographic materials…. Movies….. etc…. This is the last thing that Mount Vernon needs. If you have a sexual issue, go see a therapist! Do you honestly believe that this type of business can improve, and enhance Mount Vernon? The dictionary defines ignorance as a lack of knowledge, information, or education. I hate it when someone with a liberal agenda tries to label those whose opinion differ as ingorant. I hope that our city commissioners, church councils and other governmental officials can honestly say that this is not the kind of business we want in Mount Vernon.

  26. miriam st. jean


    there’s already a tatoo parlor and a “head” shop on the square – whether the Mayor realizes it or not

    give me break

    as I understand it, the shop will focus on lingerie and lotions – do you seriously have a problem with that? don’t you think people wear lingerie or use lotions? if not……….uhm…….sorry about your luck

  27. KJ

    If you don’t like it then don’t go in That was simple!!

  28. Tom

    Why does it matter what we think? This town’s soothsayers, religious zealots, and ne’er do well politicians (from the commissioners to the council) have already made up their minds. And since those small minds comprise the majority of the county…well, figure it out.

  29. Jack Ziemantz

    I don’t think that it is appropriate to have this type of store at the public square. There are many website online that you can purchase.

  30. Some Guy

    “Concerned Parent”, while an opinion is an opinion, i beleive yours to be null and void of any sort of logic. DO you honestly think a “Sex Toy” retailer would make child molesters go crazy and start ravaging the town? Come on! I suppose you never seen the “Adult Accessories” that are sold at Wal-mart. Oh wait i guess since there are numerous places to purchase guns in Mt.Vernon, then all the criminals will be commiting aggravated assualts and murders and such. Hey maybe your right though, i mean maybe the sight of an adult toy will spur the local teenage population into fornicating wildly, and there will be an abundance of children on the loose. Wait a second i’m assuming you have internet, but you can’t find numerous pictures and videos of adult material on there though, can you? I’m assuming that admission to the store in queston will be 18 YEARS OF AGE. So who are you to tell a legal adult what they can or can’t do or purchase. I think the world would be better off if maybe your mother had used a sex toy, the world would be less one ignorant person.

  31. John Q. Public

    I always believed that I’d meet my true love on the square, one that did’nt lie or cheat on me. I’m just kidding. I think it’s a bad idea all around…what’s next, prostitutes hanging around the square. Call me a square if you want, but this is not a good idea.

  32. Heather

    Hey guess what, I was a pregnant teenager at one point. . .sure didn’t need toys for that. And come to think of it, toys can’t get people pregnant, so wouldn’t it be “better”? Our children are going to have sex regardless of a store being here that sells sex toys. Its always been that way.
    For those who state that it declines our towns morals. . .go to columbus and ask people what they think when they hear “mount vernon”. guarantee your gonna hear a lot of people talk about how much drug activity goes on here!
    Lets face it, the ages of the majority population in this town are about ready to shift, and with it come less “prude” ways of thinking. Sex is normal and healthy and is enjoyed by many. Sex toys are just an added bonus to those who may be a little more experimental in the endeavors OR they are great aids to the numerous people who have some sort of sexual medical problem.

  33. mike wazauski

    I’m gonna open a battery store, right next door!!!!

  34. Lynn

    So, Mount Vernon doesn’t already have tons of teenagers pregnant and child molesters? Doesn’t look to me like the teenagers or child molesters needed anything to aid them at all. Besides, it has been stated that no one under 18 would be able to get into the room that had adult stuff in it anyway. What about our video stores that have an adult only section? Should we not allow them to open in Mount Vernon?

  35. Ashamed to be a resident

    That this is even up for debate validifies what a backward joke this lame excuse for a town is. I have lived coast to coast, north and south, sadly (though temporarily) only to end up back here. Sex toys are perfectly legal; if one chooses not to partake in their use, that is their business, but in a FREE COUNTRY such as ours claims to be, as long as something falls within the realm of law, we have the right to do as we wish. Stepping back into this town is like crossing through a time warp, where any sense of progress has been shut down for the last 50 years. There are far to many people in this town that really need to get out more, travel, explore different places, different cultures. This town is the poorest representation of the “average” American town/city.

  36. concerened parent

    well if you open it up it will give our teens more reason to get pregnant and then the child molesters more reason to molest the kids open up something that will benefit the town not help with its already excisting problems cause this town has major issues in both

  37. Terrie

    As a downtown business owner, I feel whoever the officials are who are trying to stop this business from opening, need to focus on more important issues. It’s a very hard time for most of us and more new businesses will only bring more people downtown. It seems this new owner is absolutely luckly to have the free publicity! I wish this person success in making a living. I do agree that tasteful window displays should be considered though. I do it a bit disturbing that there are people who will take delight in photographing patrons, as this is just wrong!

  38. Name not important..

    Having grown up in Mt. Vernon I still browse this paper from time to time.I left Mt vernon 30 yrs ago and read the Dallas Morning News on the internet. What a contrast between the 2 and what people’s thought process is.Down here we have many stores that sell sex toys and such and it is no different that selling a can of beans.Our stores do not have flashing signs with a picture of a dildo or pictures of naked men or women. All are tastfully done and you would not know what your walking into till your inside. They are not dimly lit places for sex acts to take place. they merely sell “stuff” to straight men and women,gays lezzies or whatever your persuasion. Don’t judge the store because is uses the word “sex”. Let it be..they will make a killin or go broke. Besides it will give the police a place to hang out.

  39. M. Baker

    To The Angry Conservative Fundamentalist and dkl,

    I’m glad both of you are so knowledgable about sex that you both know what is proper and what is not. Make sure your research is peered review before you publish it. You never know, you might become as well known as Masters and Johnson. Besides, we all like vanilla.

  40. g

    hey angry conservative: blame your aunt not the rest of the county for your sexual
    relationship problems. i have beautiful sex (as you call it) with my wife all the time, and if she wants to break out a toy to spice things up i say bless her soul. i don’t mind participating because i love her for who she is. i am not out to change her or half the county. what you find to be sick some people may find healthful. i don’t feel deprived and my soul doesn’t feel empty. one part of my anatomy but not my soul. remember that self love is the most important love. you cannot love someone if you don’t love yourself first.
    quit being so shallow. you might enjoy sex more.
    anyway, the store is more about clothing (hats,sun dresses, bags, etc.) than it is toys.

  41. Anthony

    Keep it private looking and away from kids shops. No so bad..

  42. Lynn

    Just a note to “M”: You don’t have to go into a romance store to see gays and lesbians here in little ole Mount Vernon to see PDA. Mount Vernon has a….let’s say, ‘healthy’ gay and lesbian community and having a romance store won’t make one bit of difference on the location of PDA. A rather narrow mindset don’t ya think?

  43. ROBERT

    I think this store will help attract more people, I mean come’on this down blows there is nothing in here other than bingo on Thursday ohh yea lets put our fiddle sticks up for that…not, this town can be great, but this town has disappointed more in the last 25 years since Ive been here, it a hole spice this place up a little, what the mayor affaid something might pop up somewhere :)

  44. M

    A I read down thru… looks like most are in favor of the store… and noticed someone bringing up about a “lesbian bar”… so curious how would you feel with gays or lesbians entering into this store and showing PDA around there…

  45. Rosemary

    NOTICE to anyone who takes pictures of patrons of this new store: Be careful, someone may be taking “your” picture and letting the world know about the real skeletons in your and your family’s closets. The skeletons won’t be toys, either! The biggest problem will be the protesters, not the patrons. Mt. Vernon is already so perverted this store isn’t going to affect the town’s reputation. There are a lot of other things that already affect MV’s reputation! I’ll enjoy my toy when I’m in the mood and leave the stinking drunks, druggies, and pervs out of my life. Good luck to this new store.

  46. Shirley Hughes

    These stores aren’t my ‘cup of tea’ but in today’s world I feel we have many other more important things to worry about! If I were in the group running Mount Vernon, I, too, would be worried because they probably feel it’s a reflection on them. My theory is—live and let live, and if you don’t want to patronize the store, don’t go there! Ignoring something you don’t like is the best for all concerned.

  47. dkl

    My grandparents and great grandparents had LOTS of sex (they all had at least 8-11 kids each). They didn’t need any of these romantic toys. If you are romantically challenged, then just get them from the internet. This place will be a visible eyesore, and that’s not what MTV needs.

  48. Jane

    I think it would be a great addition to Mount Vernon. The town needs a little oomph, in my opinion. It is true, our country is a free country and that is something we should be able to exercise in our business ventures and such. We shouldn’t be “ashamed” of having a *nice* store like the one that is proposed, I think it would make people more comfortable to be themselves if anything else. More power to them! I think the store should happen. It would be great! Plus that aisle in Wal-Mart isn’t too exciting, now is it?!

  49. NG

    I don’t have a problem with it at all, I just wish they would have come up with a better name for the store. It is really cheesy ” the girly spot” I mean you couldn’t have come up with somthing better than that? Sounds like a lesbian bar

  50. Uncle Sam

    No offense to anyone, but I really wanted an Olive Garden to open up here.

  51. Cathy

    I see no problem with the new business. My question is why would anyone try to make a go of a business in downtown Mt. Vernon? It pathetic, I wouldn’t bother. I’d think the city would be happy to have a little extra tax money in the coffers.

  52. hazeleyes

    I don’t know what is the problem with the people who do not want this store. There is nothing shameful about sex at all. Our parents had it as well as their parents. The thing about all of this is, we enjoy what we have to work with. We have toys to add to our pleasure. If the community does not want to participate with patronizing this store and ordering online instead of being seen walking into the store, then have at it!

  53. Miriam St. Jean

    seems to be about 15 to 1 in favor of opening the store – if not more

    as far as “angry conservative fundamentalist?” you’re blaming your “issues” on using “toys?”

    The only issue I see you having is that you believe you can tell others what to and not to do behind closed doors. Am fairly certain your dictatorial outlook towards what others do in their personal lives has more to do with your interpersonal relationship problems than a battery operated machine.


    good grief.

  54. cindy

    I feel that people need to back off. there are too many couples that can benefit from this. I myself am a Romance Consultant and i am PROUD of what i do. This place is not gonna be of scum and filth, it will be of fun. If people dont like it they dont need to shop there. i know i will be there.

  55. Lynn

    While I understand the concern that the City has about this business opening and the possibility of it ‘tarnishing’ our wholesome image, I also see where this business could be somewhat healthy for our town. There is an epidemic out there of married couples, couples living together, etc. that are not faithful in their relationships. (Just spend a weekend at any one of our local bars) What people do in their homes behind closed doors is their business and maybe if we had something nearby to help us with spicing up what goes on behind those closed doors people wouldn’t be so tempted to look elsewhere. Give this business a chance. And to those of you that want to sit on the square and watch who is coming and going from this place…..get a life. It’s none of your business.

  56. M

    I personally would like to see this place be more like Mayberry!

  57. Lady

    I think this town should be a little more thankful that ANYONE is willing to open up a business in this economy. Everyone complains about unemployment, and the less-than-impressive city budget, but we panic when something other than a chrisitan bookstore or giftshop is opened up. Has anyone else noticed all the empty storefronts downtown? Lets grow up- respectable people and couples are looking to spend thier money. They will either do it online, or right here in our local economy. Adult-oriented stores are legal, what they sell is legal. It’s not a BROTHEL! Is this really what we are worried about in this town? I just read the headlines… and noticed that two men were convicted of rape of children and were only sentenced to 9 years in prison… and we are worried about a store? This is why I am moving in 10 months, I dont want to raise my children in this hypocritical environment.

  58. a.mitchell

    For those that are for it, good for you. It’s about time Mount Vernon start realizing the potential that it has as a small town and stop letting our residents go outside of Knox county just to shop. If it you want to point fingers at the people in which hold the elective seats of this town, then do something about it. There are nothing more then elected officials, if you don’t like them the beauty is you can vote them out. I would think that it would be a much smarter and much more adult decision to go shop for something in which you can please yourself opposed to going to the bars in town and finding someone random. And why is it that none of the bathrooms in the bars have condom machines? Wake up Mount Vernon, it’s time to put an end to these bible banging jesus freaks in this town who want to tell you how to live your life. They should pack up the kids and move to Amish country ASAP. I wish this business nothing but good luck and hope this works out for them. And for those who plan to protest, do you plan to do a public stoning or a hanging as well? It’s time to come out of the dark ages and into the 21st century.

  59. Jacob

    I think you’re the one with the problem. Now, go be dysfunctional on your own and let the rest of us enjoy ourselves.

  60. Me

    How come everyone keeps saying toy store? Sounds like it’s going to be way more than that. There was a very nice store called Lola Belle in downtown Westerville that was very similar to what this store is supposed to be. If you choose not to patronize the store then don’t however I can’t wait to check it out. And like someone else said, if you can open a “smoke shop” that sells bongs and pot pipes then what is the big deal with some nice clothing and lotions? Really people isn’t there something better for the mayor to be dealing with? How about all the families who can’t find affordable quality child care so they can work? How about all the drug sales that go on here in Mt. Vernon? I’d rather hear about the grass police measuring my lawn that watch the officials try to dictate to the people of Mt. Vernon where or how they should shop.

  61. mike wazauski

    When are we gonna go downtown and start burning books too?? Lets get a grip people… This is still a free country for now. Atleast until a regeim takes overs and the women start wearing long black dresses and covering their faces… America is the land of the free, so open your store a goodluck. Viva Le Revolution…Vote for me…

  62. Michael

    It’s a free country right? If I wanted to start a business, the last thing I’m gonna do is wonder what anybody else thinks? Next question…

  63. Cheryl

    Please, Mt Vernon is a joke most places just because of this type of situation. Judgemental, hypermoralistic, hypocritical

  64. angry conservitive fundamentalist

    What the hell is wrong with everyone!!!!! We are a self centered, self righteous, hypocritical generation that has no concept of consequence. Every action has a positive or negitive consequence and as a culture of critical thinkers we should freakin’ think. My aunt introduced me to adult toys at a toy party when I was about 17 years old and I believe it severely messed with the health of my sexual relationships. Maybe we should stop thinking about how to “get off” all the time and think about how to love and what it means to have beautiful sex with a partner that loves you back. It is absolutely sick to have sex with a machine and we should start thinking about how sick we are as a nation and try to figure out how to stop this crazy cycle of selfish sex that leads to emptiness and depravation of the soul.

  65. g

    sad reflection blahblah of moral values blahblah. who is this geezer????
    must hang with the pass the pepper guy. lame.
    it can’t be missionary all the time. you need to add spice.

  66. Michael Small

    I agree, When my girlfriend worked at the loins den at St.Rt.95 and I-71
    I had to stand in the parking lot to keep her car from being damaged while she work from the ” church goin public” How soon befor we see something like that happen in Vernon

  67. Amber


  68. bill

    it would be nice!! my wife and i drive to mansfield now for goodies. why not have some jobs come to mount vernon? its a great idea and we cant wait!

  69. Julie

    I think it will bring more buisness to the community so I say more power to it. I however won’t be suprised when the same people who stand out side of the fox hole taking picture of patrons will do the same to people shopping there. I will pose for one pretty picture.

  70. Jack

    I agree with Trisha and Erik J. Ware!
    City Council Butt out…….

    Trisha says:
    June 26, 2010 at 11:13 am

    I think it is really sad that we are even discussing this. It is a free country & there is no reason the mayor or anyone else should be wasting time trying to stop it from opening! If people don’t like what the store has to offer simply don’t go in the store. Apparently the Mayor has too much time on his hands if all he has to do is sit around trying to come up with a way to stop the store from opening.

    Erik J. Ware says:
    June 26, 2010 at 8:47 am

    How do I feel? I feel like Mount Vernon needs to get off it. I feel like the job of a mayor and city is not to brainstorm what kind of laws and codes they can change when they get wiff of a business going in that they don’t like. I feel like that is not the role of government. I feel like the power of the office has gone to their heads. I feel like if there was a huge public outcry then they should see what they could do. I feel like the mayor forgets that he represents the citizens. I feel like any codes or law changes should be instigated from the community. That’s how I feel. I also feel like the mayor is ignorant. I feel like I’d like to sit down and talk with him, but I feel like that would be a waste of my day.

  71. Archee

    You always here the merchants say hometown shopping, well this is as hometown as possible, Leave the store alone, there is alot of stores coming and going in the the fair town of Mayberry oops I mean Mt Vernon, if the sales are there it will stay, but give them a chance.

  72. M. Baker

    Maybe having a shop like that in Mt Vernon will lower the average age of the population of Knox Co, or maybe even distract Freshwater’s fellow church members and there money from his hopeless appeal onto this store instead, saving the School Board from further throwing away their money on him instead of the children. He is such a good professional and such a great example to our kids, NOT! His trial alone is teaching our children it’s OK to lie, as long as its to your benefit. If both happened, it would be the best thing that could ever happen to this county a truely worthy of a parade.

  73. Angie

    I persanally can’t wait for this store to open. I think city council and the mayor should keep politics out of the voters closets and bedrooms. What I spend my money on is my business. But maybe they would prefer I spend it in Mansfield and Marengo. And if protesters picket and take photos or video, bring on the cameras, I have nothing to hide!

  74. Jacob

    Actually, John, I’m much more concerned about places like the Aaron’s rent-to-own place, which scams poor people out of what little money they have, or check-cashing places, or any of the other predatory lenders out there. THOSE businesses are indicative of a decline in moral values, not the sex shop. After all, people have always been having sex.

  75. Jacob

    I say that if downtown can have a gospel supply shop, it can have a sex supply shop.

  76. Mark

    The store will actually be divided into three separate and distinct sections. The main portion of the store will have displays of woman’s dresses, intimate apparel, purses, jewelry, candles, etc. Basically the same type of items you can find at J. C. Penney, Peebles, K-Mart and WalMart.

    There will be a locked room with access to those 18 years of age or older where the romantic toys will be on display. The remainder of the store will be for discussion groups, etc. and office/storage.

  77. Ibemom

    They sell these “toys” at Walmart too over by condoms and lubricants. Is the problem THAT the store sells these products or nobody wants to be seen coming and going from this business?

  78. mr wilson

    i say that store will get alot of business. as long as they check your age before you enter it will be great . it will bring some jobs in our town also. as for the people that are against it, well just stay out of there then. as for us that are for it, we may just bump into the mayor while were in there shopping, lol. all in all i think its a great idea and the city of mt vernon wont go wrong with this at all.

  79. Ann

    It doesn’t look good for Mt. Vernon but it is the way this world is and a flower shop is not the same as an adult or romantic toy store … geez, come on.

  80. DKL

    First of all it’s hard for any business to thrive in the downtown area. Poor choice of location.
    Secondly, most of the patrons would prefer a more “discrete” location- it’s embarassing to be seen walking in/out of these sleezy stores. Again poor choice for the location. I give them six months because they obviously lack good business sense. They like everyone else in the downtown will be out of business.

    Let’s all take our lawn chairs up to the square and watch who goes in and out….

  81. Emilie

    Although I have no intent of patronizing this particular business, it is not my (or the city’s, for that matter) to push morality or personal beliefs on others. As it stands most people who purchase these goods turn to the internet or other cities; by keeping that business local, it can only help the local economy. The mayor and city council has “bigger fish to fry” than a specialty shop in town: why waste time, effort, and money on what boils down to a moral cause? There are plenty of examples in history where the government takes up moral causes and that only drives the practice underground and therefore keeps that money from being taxed which in turn affects all of the citizens. In this case, of course, the business would be done in another town or online. If you don’t like the idea of the business, don’t go. Otherwise, it’s not our place to tell people what to believe.

  82. Trisha

    I think it is really sad that we are even discussing this. It is a free country & there is no reason the mayor or anyone else should be wasting time trying to stop it from opening! If people don’t like what the store has to offer simply don’t go in the store. Apparently the Mayor has too much time on his hands if all he has to do is sit around trying to come up with a way to stop the store from opening.

  83. Butch

    Business is business, if you don’t like it don’t go there. The way business is in Mt Vernon the tax money generated for the period they are there will help. If enough people don’t go there they will leave and if they go – more money.

  84. Ray Dios Haque

    I think this is a fantastic idea. I think romance is at the heart of every good marriage. We all ready have flower shops, and plenty of places to buy little candy hearts. But a romance-themed shop should be in everyone’s best interest!

  85. Jennifer Hess

    It’s not uncommon for couples to spice things up with “romantic” toys! That’s not changing who people are or their morals in general. As long as the store IDs I don’t see a problem with it. Plus it keeps money in Mt. Vernon instead of Mansfield or Newark.

  86. John C. Davidson

    It is a sad reflection of the direction of moral values in this once proud nation.

  87. M. Baker

    If the store is low key in what it sells and has an attractive and tasteful store front, I hope them the best of success. What’s inside doesn’t effect anyone except those who chose to go inside. Just post a small sign at the door that states you must be 18 to enter.

  88. laurie popham

    i dont sww anything at all wrong with it the store on the square that sells the crap to smoke drugs out of and that spice i dooooo have a problem with kids are getting this stuff the smoke shops the store you need to be worried about not a store with pretty things for woman !!! wake up mt vernon save our teens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Cathy Adams

    any business that operates is jobs and tax dollars in the community, if you do not care for this type of business then don’t patronize it but leave the ones alone that do

  90. Erik J. Ware

    How do I feel? I feel like Mount Vernon needs to get off it. I feel like the job of a mayor and city is not to brainstorm what kind of laws and codes they can change when they get wiff of a business going in that they don’t like. I feel like that is not the role of government. I feel like the power of the office has gone to their heads. I feel like if there was a huge public outcry then they should see what they could do. I feel like the mayor forgets that he represents the citizens. I feel like any codes or law changes should be instigated from the community. That’s how I feel. I also feel like the mayor is ignorant. I feel like I’d like to sit down and talk with him, but I feel like that would be a waste of my day.

  91. john

    I dont see why anyone would have a problem with it. But if the city is that worried about it after all the companies cost of setting up shop, then maybe they should offer to move the store in one of the strip malls in the shopping district at the same cost and square footage.

  92. Big Bill

    Let the market dictate, whether the store makes it or not! As long as the toys aren’t hanging in the windows, where kids can see them, I see nothing wrong with it.