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  • The Knox County Sheriff‚Äôs Office searched for clues Thursday afternoon at the home of Tina Herrmann. Herrmann, her two children, and Stephanie Sprang have been reported missing.

HOWARD — The Knox County Sheriff’s Office is searching for clues to find four people reported missing.

Knox County Sheriff’s detectives have been searching the home of Tina Herrmann, 481 King Beach Drive, since a co-worker said Herrmann did not show up for work at Dairy Queen.

Missing are Herrmann, 32; her two children, Sarah Maynard, 13, and Kody Maynard, 10; and Stephanie Sprang, 41.

Herrmann’s vehicle was recovered Thursday night near the Kenyon College campus. Sprang’s vehicle was found in Herrmann’s garage.

Kenyon College issued a campus-wide lockdown as a precaution.

Mount Vernon News reporters are on scene and will provide updates as soon as new information is available.



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26 Responses to “KCSO in search of missing Apple Valley women and children”

  1. we all need to kep praying for these familys

    i would like to commit on the commuunity for all ther efforts and pulling together iknow if it was my family i would want everybody to pulltogether and help i knew tina she was a very sweet person i will just keep praying for all of them

  2. Cyndi

    I hope the police are using search dogs. The dogs need the scent of the boyfriend, the father, and the 4 missing. The person who drove the truck walked out of it, the dogs could atleast smell something.

  3. Nicole

    a woman has left a message on the facebook page created for the missing women and children saying that her and her daughter believe they saw the mother and son at a mcdonalds near the wisconsin/illinois border

  4. my2centsworth

    I hope the FBI checks their computer to see if either the kids or the mom is talking to strangers online. So many people are doing that, even adults. If the kids havent been warned about the dangers, they couldve been set up by a pedophile, serial killer or anything.
    Perverts & killers used to snatch people off the street, but now they’ve perfected it better. If their good enough at fooling people, the victim will tell them right where they live, & make plans to meet them!
    I’m sure the FBI will dig into every nook & cranny to find out what happened.

  5. TRISH

    I wonder if the women have a facebook ,myspace or yearbook . the police can get in to them to see who they have been talking to, it might hope the police check it out you nevr know what they might find i hope everyone is found safe

  6. Michelle

    I feel sorry for Mr. Maynard, who hadn’t seen his kids since October 23 or 24th. Probably not so easy to have the kids visit every week when he lives in southern Franklin County… I really feel for him.

  7. shirley newman

    wondering if they will find this crime, if they have discovered one was committed, has anything to do w the jean davis murder last dec which was never solved and her truck stolen,,, Jean was a friend of mine and my prayers are for the solving of her death as well as the findings of these 2 women and the children…. I found it odd that a truck was taken and discovered in both cases, guess maybe not that rare tho, im sorry to all the family friends, co workers, friends of the children etc,,, my prayers are with all,,,,,and w law enforcement,

  8. Miriam St. Jean


    Knox Pages is doing a pretty good job of updating this story as events unfold………..

  9. AV res

    Channel 10 news is quoting Larry Maynard (the children’s father) as saying there was blood found in the house, and he fears the worst.

    I think that’s why an amber alert is not being issued.

  10. Joshua Morrison

    An Amber Alert hasn’t been issued. The KCSO makes that determination. Pamela, I’m just trying to help, I’m sorry if you’ve not had a good experience and we are trying to do our best.

  11. Pamela


  12. a friend

    Stephanie seems to be just an afterthought in all the news, although she lived just about next door to Tina and her car was found inside Tina’s house. She also has children, two older ones and a wonderful feisty little boy. Are they all safe?
    I am so worried about them all. I still hope and pray that this is just a terrible misunderstanding and they will show up wondering what all the fuzz is about!!!!

  13. Yes, but ...

    KCSO would have issued one if this was just a missing person case. They are being very closed mouthed with details about the house/inside the house.

  14. Joshua Morrison

    We’re in the process of updating the story right now as we speak.

  15. c'mon

    Why do stations out of Columbus have more information in their stories than this one?

  16. Sharon Eikleberry

    Don’t let all of this distract you, there is a snake in the grass at the front of the Valley watching for you to break a law like rolling through a stop sign or speed, the snake is in a white car! He will steal any money you may have for your kids for Christmas presents and I am trying to save you from that. So STOP at the stop signs and slow down in Apple Valley so you don’t get robbed by the snake.

  17. Sash

    Some pictures of the family would help us out In case someone spots them. This would be helpfully to the public in helping….

  18. kathy

    Is this related to Holly Caruther’s disappearance 2 years ago?- went shopping to WalMart on rt 13 right before Christmas , her body found 6 months later in Mohican River – car found immediately in Loudenville abandoned after her reported missing- purse inside but never never car keys found – in river or around car! Holly is dead, however, the case was not yet solved and she has lived on and off with her 2 children at Apple Valley and in Lexington. She has relatives in Apple Valley- Holly had a 5 and about 9 year olds.

  19. Paula H.

    i say put out ~amber alert ~as well. !!
    perhaps prayer chain for the safe return of these four!!
    ..plz lord b w these four in their hr of need,plz let them contact home or leave clues so we can find what happined to them.amen.

  20. beth

    you should publish photos of the people that are missing, so the public can keep an eye out for them