Megan Peterson will serve 90 days in the Knox County Jail after being sentenced today on one count each of vehicular homicide and assault. Both charges are first degree misdemeanors.



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8 Responses to “Peterson sentenced in Homstad death”

  1. Docile Jim Brady

    u00a0I agree that she at present is dangerous.u00a0nnNinety days in jail is ample time to reflect on safe driving conduct and apply when she may lawfully drive.As far as driving while under the five year suspension, an adequate RISK:REWARD ratio should deter such conduct..

  2. Docile Jim Brady

    CTS2010: u00a0″…u00a0Judge stating that cell phone use was not in play ….”nnI believe you are unintentionally inaccurate in what the judge said, but I was not in the courtroom at the time he said it, nor have I read a transcript of that hearing..nnTrue, her cell phone was not TRANSMITTING nor RECEIVING a text message at crash time.nnMy cell phone has several hundred email addresses and room for 1000 character messages. It can send the same message to ten (10) recipients.nnYou would be surprised how long one can be distracted composing a 1000 character message to send to ten recipients.nnWere I to compose a 160 character message to one recipient, the distraction could be meaningless on a western Texas highway, but tragedy seeking a place to occur at her crash site.

  3. Anonymous

    Spoken like a true “Christian”. If there is something such as a god and the bible is a record of his/her words then not judging people would apply as to their worthiness to enter heaven, which is supposedly reserved for god him/herself. It has nothing to do with judging a person on worldly set standards based upon man made laws approved by the same people (citizens) who are not supposed to judge? How hilarious. Churches are full of the most despicable people on the face of this planet. I guess as you would have it, all judges and anyone who serves on a jury is hell bound……Oh, I’m sorry judge, I cannot serve on the jury, I will go to hell. See how far that one gets you.

  4. Anonymous

    Why because she wasn’t a service person?u00a0 Well , she was one paper short of the the Army, thatu00a0 is what Keith told me, as he was going with her to ask for an extension on leave, and Megan was signing her last form to go into the service late November 2010.u00a0 My god , accidents unfortunately happen everyday, and you don’t hear much about those, but because this was in the media so much, you and all the people can sit back and judge so harshly, read theu00a0bible, he who casts the first stone “are sinners”u00a0 ask for redemtion, it may save you from going to hell.u00a0May God forgive you all.

  5. Miriam StJean

    u00a0She WAS texting while driving that day – they simply couldn’t prove she was texting at the time of impactnnIn addition, she’s been responsible for four collisions – two as a juvenile, the fatal, and one after the fatal accident.nnShe’s a danger to the community and I have my doubts she’ll stop driving for five years.u00a0nnTo refuse to speak to the victims and apologize was truly insensitive, and could lead one to believe she’s only “sorry” because she got “caught.”nnNo one’s “judging” harshly here. u00a0This is cold, hard reality. u00a0Let’s see how she deals with this in the future. u00a0I have my doubts, but would be thrilled to be proven wrong.

  6. Anonymous

    NINETY days?u00a0 Seriously?u00a0 It’s a certified miracle Matt Hoffman didn’t end up with probation.u00a0u00a0

  7. Anonymous

    90 days in jail and 5 years probation for murdering someone, she should be happy and not crying. We have no justice system, it is only a legal system…don’t forget it.

  8. Anonymous

    u00a0it’s about time things got settled! i still don’t believe it’s enough for taking the life of one and almost the life of another. i could see how things would be settled differently if Keith were driving and killed Megan, but that’s okay, let this haunt her forever.