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9 Responses to “What do you think of the state allowing people to carry a gun while in a bar or restaurant?”

  1. angel's mommy

    i don’t believe this would be a very good idea simply because when some people drink either to the ” high ” or intoxicated
    point people change,,they sometimes become mean,, think they can take on the world,,have family problems that may
    interfer with good judgement,,,meet someone they have a problem with,,ect. bottom line booze sometimes push people
    over the edge to do something stupid that you probably or may not of done while sober. also people go to bars for a good time,,have fun,, would you like your love one to be in the middle of gun fire?

  2. slyfoxracing

    Just because people carry illegally doesn’t mean we should just say to hell with it and allow them carry. I do have my facts straight about the drinking alcohol. If you get caught carrying while drinking alcohol, you will be arrested and carrying permit will be taken away. I don’t have a problem with people carrying a concealed weapon. What I question is the reason why you need to carry a weapon. Is it for protection or is it to feed your ego. You don’t need to carry a weapon in Mt. Vernon. The odds of anything happening in a small town slim to none. I think this issue more about showing off ones rights than it is about protection.

  3. Jerry Smith

    I don’t think its a big deal for people to carry in restaurants but when you mix alcohol,firearms and stupidity you have the potential for a deadly situation. bars are a breeding ground for bad decision making.

  4. Karen Martin

    I think we would all be surprised at the amount of people who take them in right now.  They just carry them, or they have them in their car and they do not have a CCW.  I can see both sides of the issue……

  5. Hokshu

    I believe there are many folks already carrying in bars and restaurants. They are carrying illegally and they are criminals.
    This change is not allowing you to drink while carrying. Get your facts straight and stop all the false projections. Folks said there would be a shoot out in the streets every day when the carry conceal first came up. It just hasn’t happened. Quit watching TV and believing everything you see.

  6. annrpierce_1971

    I think that it depends on a few things~Federal Marshals and Law enforcement Professionals are excluded to this due to the fact that they have to carry their firearm at all time. But is this question asking if just ANYONE should be allowed to carry a gun while in a bar or restaurant, I would have to say no.

  7. lionelhutz1

    I think it is about time the state stops trying to overrule the Constitution. 

  8. CCWinMichigan

    If you have a CCW permit you should be able to carry anywhere, the problems are not from CCW permit holders.
    When is the last time you heard of bank hold-up or school shooting / shopping mall shoot out that involve a CCW??