MOUNT VERNON — Former Mount Vernon Fire Department Chief Shawn T. Christy was indicted on 19 counts on Tuesday by the Knox County grand jury.



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9 Responses to “Former fire chief Christy indicted on 19 felony charges”

  1. Manticore

    I just wonder how much the people who say he shouldn’t have been paid would like it if they weren’t paid when under investigation for something they weren’t proven guilty of.

  2. Bill_C_Knox

    I think everyone in this county and city should be under a investigation. Because now  here in Knox county we have a problem in are Fire department in Mount Vernon and we still have are county cover up going on with are EMA for the county. I think the State should step in and investigation everyone because it sounds like to me the people doing the hiring have no clue or just don’t care about the people in this county. I know come this November I will be voting for new people to be in office time for a change. I hope everyone here in Knox county will remember all of this when it is time to vote. Just look at all the money they are wasting of are hard earned tax dollars both with the Fire Chief and EMA who is next?

  3. Bill_C_Knox

    What is Knox county coming to with the Fire department and EMA. I think everyone in the county and city of mount vernon needs to be under a investigation because they don’t know what or how to do there jobs. The state should step in and do a investigation on everyone in office in this county. Sounds like we have to much stuff going on in this county that we the people in this county should know about. I know come November I will be voting for new people not the one’s in office right now. I think everyone in this county should take all of this in mind come November because they DON”T know how to do anything right.  

  4. babe_hardy

    One of the rights our forefathers fought for in the revolt against England and the British legal system is that a person is innocent until PROVEN guilty. Just because he was investigated doesn’t mean he is guilty. Nor does it mean he is guilty just because he was indicted. If Christy is innocent of these charges it would have been wrong NOT to pay him. On the other hand I don’t know if the city can come back on him for that pay if he is found guilty. In that case they should. But as of now Christy is guilty of none of the charges.

  5. Mvbro

    Yes, these is your local government officials at work. Providing the citizen’s hard earned tax dollars to someone on “administrative leave” for obvious credentials efficiencies that were most likely suspected of being frauds from the beginning. If so, why are taxpayer funds wasted on such BS? If not suspected, then the whole of the upper local government needs replaced as soon as lawfully possible, they are inept…..citizens should be demanding it.

  6. Miriam StJean

    anyone buying that the Mayor was unaware of the on-going investigation or just how serious Christy’s actions were?

    I’m not.  Not at all.

  7. Docile Jim Brady

    Big city papers could stand to emulate MV News practice on links to public records.
    It’s too often hide-seek in the big city papers.

    Read the entire 5 pages of indictments

    · Page 1 
    · Page 2 
    · Page 3 
    · Page 4 
    · Page 5 

    Adobe Reader required