MOUNT VERNON — Knox County is doing very well in the manufacturing and industrial sector, Steve Waers, president of the Area Development Foundation, told the Knox County Commissioners on Monday.



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7 Responses to “Waers: County jobs outlook good”

  1. Miriam StJean

    Waers doesn’t even live in this County; he has no dog in this fight – and to my knowledge his only efforts to lure new businesses to Mount Vernon consist of sending out boiler plate emails – to my knowledge he has never traveled outside this County to try to sell our community to others………….and he’s paid an unbelievable amount of money, with perks, to sit on his tail end, at his computer, and push buttons which yield little to no results – the city and county need to stop funding the Area Development Foundation until it can provide positive results – which it hasn’t the entire time Waers has been Director

    good money after bad


  2. slyfoxracing

    Go to work for $10.00 an hour and maybe then Steve Waers might discover why people quit. $10.00 an hour is not enough for people to take the job seriously. If Mount Vernon wants it’s citizens to prosper, then maybe it’s time to for some serious changes to the manufacturing in Mount Vernon. We need to stop depending “chump” wage jobs. Most people I know that live here that make good money, work outside of Mount Vernon.

  3. mymccurdy

    My husband is one of the over 200 on lay off for the second time this year for Rolls Royce , and  on the way out the door they was given a projected call back time of 8 to 13 months and there are  NO extions for them , Extions run out as of Dec.31, 2011 and his benifets ends in Jan.  he would love to have one of your JOBS that you speak of in your piece!   Last week and this week he has handed out 0ver 100 resame and we have been here all week and he has not    gotten a phone cal! , He  is a very hard worker and never leaves a job after on day because,  if your filmier with the unempolyment prosess as we have become ,  when you take that job then walk out on it you loss your benifets, so if people are doing this maybe the work place is not what the bussiness are making them out to be?  So Please Mr. Waers if you have job conecction please contact my husband he will work hard at any job given to him !  

  4. Miriam StJean

    Please note that I made a typo in my last comment – the number of unemployed are 3,400, not 5,400 – no matter – 200 openings in 10 companies for 3,400 does NOT make for a “good” situation, Waers – did the Commissioners really buy into that?  Think I’ll email them and ask.

  5. mymccurdy

    My husband is one of the over 200 on lay off   with Rolls Royce and in all there meeting before lay off they was given a retun back to work of 8 to 13 month , he would love to have one of your Jobs that you talked about in your piece,  10..00 hr take homeis  maybe 350.00 after taxs, this is  barley  little live on with the price of gas and food you are left with barley enough to pay other bills  ,   but after hitting the streets and having little repsonds to his resame , i’m sure he world love to give the jobs you talk about a try , I’m also unemployed because of the all the school levys ,  never working in the field of maufacturing  your hesatent to apply, My husband spent last week and some this week handing out over 50 resame and we been here all week,  and i can say honestly   the phone has never rang ! His unempolyment will run out the thrid week of Jan.  and there are no extions  that you speak of in your piece for him or the other 60 that was on prevous lay off this year , So please let Steve Waers and who ever you my know that has the ablity to help my husband find on of these jobs ,  His work recored is wonderful and is referance are top notch and he never miss work and alway follows thru at any job that given to him … Thanks      

  6. Miriam StJean

    County jobs outlook good, you say?

    5,400 plus people are unemployed

    you think 200 openings is “good”?

    are you insane?

    btw – when’s the last time you travelled outside this County in order to try to convince new businesses to relocate to our area?  Never you say?  

    Bah – we need another ADF Director – you’re totally unqualified for that position if you think 200 job openings for 5,400 unemployed residents is “good”