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February 22, 2014 6:23 am EST


Jan. 31, 1931 to Feb. 11, 2014.

MOUNT VERNON — Jake approached life just like he did golfing and fishing, with intent and joy, no matter the outcome. He was welcomed into this life Jan. 31, 1931, in Fredericktown, by Arla and Cecil Elliott. Jake graduated from Mount Vernon High School in 1948 having played basketball, performed in theatrical plays “Prunella” and “What a Life”, as well as having crafted his passion for compositions as the athletic editor for The Jacket Journal.

Following graduation, Jake married his sweetheart, Betty. He then served in the U.S. Air Force from 1952 to 1956, and after being Honorably Discharged, returned to Mount Vernon and earnestly began golfing and fishing while also managing to produce enviable photographs and passionate technical compositions for Cooper Bessemer’s Public Relations Department. In-between divots, casts and articles, Jake and Betty found time to create Julie and Tom, raising both his scores and his blood pressure!

Jake left Mount Vernon in 1975 to pursue Public Relations opportunities in Houston, Texas. He joined Goodwin, Dannebaum, Littman & Wingfield (GDL&W) as their account executive. He was quickly elevated to vice-president and through raising the bar on integrity and professionalism, he achieved senior vice-president of public relations in 1979. His ability to bring a vast myriad of people together with his eloquent words and photographs can only be described by those he worked with, not for.

Along the way, Jake re-married, and together he and Rebecca raised a son, John William.

Jake valued beyond measure his dearest friend, Johnny Johnson, for their life-long, treasured conversations. We too, were blessed with Jake’s loving friendship and his “gentle man” guidance as our “Poppo”. Although macular degeneration stole his eyes, and cancer his life, we wanted to share his own words with you:

When I was young
I used to think
“I’ll do that tomorrow”
But as the years
Drew slowly on
I found to my great sorrows
That yesterdays
Were building up
As were the things undone
“Perhaps today,
I’ll find a way
For tomorrow
Might not come.”

Jake is survived by his children, Julie (Carrie) of Flagstaff, Ariz., Tom of Houston, Texas, and John William of Conroe, Texas. He was preceded in death by his parents, and his life-long friend and mother of Julie and Tom, Betty Elliott. We salute you today and always with our love for you dear Poppo.

If you wish to honor Jake, we ask that you whack a golf ball, throw in a fishing line or adopt a dog! Jake will return to Ohio in early August to go to the Kokosing River once more, followed by his tackle box, filled with lures, bobbers, sinkers and a few golf balls. Finders-Keepers! Enjoy!
Submitted by Julie Elliott.

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